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Oak & Ash End Grain Chopping Board

Image of Oak & Ash End Grain Chopping Board
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This beautiful Oak & Ash End Grain Chopping/Cutting Board, handmade in our Dorset Workshop. Fully oiled, with two machined hand holds on the side. One available.

Size approx - L x 32 cm W x 23.5 cm H x 4.7 cm

Why End Grain?
Thick, durable and kinder to knife blades, these end grain chopping boards are the number one choice for butchers and professional chefs. The boards are completely handmade from start to finish. Using the best quality FSC timber, these boards will last you a lifetime. The process of making a End Grain chopping board is double the process and nearly double the timber of a standard board as the timber is cut twice and turned to revile beautiful end grain on the top of the board.

All finished with a Food Safe Oil, and come with a small pot of our ‘Board Butter’ to keep your board in the best condition.

Board Maintenance -
Our boards leave us having been completely oiled, but regular oiling will help this board stay at its best, our Board & Knife Butter is great to use, or use Walnut or Butcher Block Oil.
Please be aware that Lemon, Rhubarb and beetroot can really stain wood, especially oak, due to tannins in the wood.
However please note that wood is a natural product and due to changes in conditions and how its looked after, the board may move, this adds to the character of a natural product. Planked are not liable for changes in the boards condition. With End Grain Boards leave on their side.
Please do not put into a dishwasher or submerge in water. Wash with warm soapy water. After washing dry throughly. Do not leave anywhere hot, or in direct sunlight.